Join Us!

2010-2011 Outdoor Club Membership Form

Who can become a member:

Membership is open to all students, both undergraduate and graduate, faculty, staff, and alumni of Abilene Christian University.

Membership Benefits:

  • May participate in organized service projects, training sessions, knowledge reviews, and outings.
  • Discounts on the cost of outings and events.
  • Free T-Shirt.
  • Opportunities to post and announce outings to other members when trying to recruit for an outing or event.
  • Free gear rental to dues paid members.  Inventory right now includes:
    • 3 Tents (8-man)
    • 1 Tent (2-man backpacking tent)
    • 1 Table (used for the camp kitchen)
    • Assorted MSR brand sets of camp dishes and utensils.
    • 1 Two-burner camp stove w/propane tank. (A pre-rental demonstration required)
    • 3 All purpose helmets (Can be used for biking, climbing, etc.)
    • 3 Black Diamond Climbing harnesses (w/ chalk bags and belay devices)
    • 2 5-gallon collapsible water jugs
    • 1 Coleman brand cooler
  • Gear rental is FREE for paid members. A small fee will be required for rental with non-members.
    • Requests for gear must be at least FOUR DAYS IN ADVANCE to give the Outdoor Club sufficient time to get it into your hands.
    • There will be a basic rental form for each time of rental.
    • Contact us via our email ( or by contacting one of the officers.

Membership Expectations:

  • Attendance of at least one club activity per semester.
  • $20.00 annual membership dues – goes towards:
    • Providing club tools for service projects.
    • Updating the gear cache.
    • Mitigating some of the cost of events.